Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Made It, I Ate It, It Sucked

Long time no eat?

No, I've been eating, I just haven't been trying out many new recipes, so about a week ago, I decided to make something that was in an issue of "Everyday Food." It was a butternut squash cannoli, and frankly, I'm not really sure what made me decide to try it out. It's not something I'd even think to order in a restaurant, and yet, here I was deciding to cook it myself. Perhaps it was just the seasonality of it that sounded appealing...

Anyway, I can't seem to find the recipe online, but it was basically mashed butternut squash with some herbs, stuffed into flat lasagna noodles, then covered in a ricotta cheese mixture. The final touch was some fried fresh sage leaves.

Alas, it sucked. It was dry, and screaming for some kind of greasier cheese, and the texture was just too much like baby food. And I think I have to face the fact that I don't really like squash. I'm not a big fan of sweetness in my dinners, and butternut squash is really too sweet for me.

So, most of it ended up in the compost bin. Which is fine, because Thanksgiving was just a few days later, and THAT was a success. But that's another post for another time!