Monday, April 6, 2009

Salty Salted Salt

Here's something I don't understand about myself: I love salty foods. Chips; anchovies; olives; sardines; Dutch licorice called "DoubleZout" that tastes like salted tar, (no one outside of my family who I've given it to has been able to finish a piece without spitting it out). But I'm not someone who pours a ton of salt on everything I eat. So, I like foods that are salty, but do not make all of my foods salty.

What's that about?

I bring it up because for dinner tonight I had a Caesar salad with an entire can of anchovies AND some boiled shrimps. Really, I could eat anchovies straight out of the can, but that's unseemly, so the salad is just a vehicle for those anchovies to reach my mouth. The dressing was Girard's, which is one of the better bottled Caesar dressings I've had.

Bottom line, a Caesar salad without anchovies is just a damn salad with some Caesar dressing. And if you don't want those anchovies, just give them to me.

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