Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Easy As Pie

Oh, hey! It's been a while!

I made a pie for New Year's Day. It was peach and blueberry. The peaches were frozen; the blueberries fresh. The crust, alas, was store bought. Did you really think I would be able to handle making pastry dough on New Year's Day? Of course not.

Anyway, it took a really, really long time to cook, and it never did get very brown. I couldn't leave it in any longer, though, because the juices were a flowin'.

So, yeah. Pie. I made it. I cook almost every night these days, only it's usually something super quick and partially frozen. But perhaps I will try and make some more interesting things this year, what with my not having a JOB and all...


Anonymous said...

I made, I ate it, it sucked. I love it. Your blog is funny.

Anonymous said...

It looks yummy. Harpooned pie. Meh, it got chewed, who cares?