Thursday, February 5, 2009

Burger Me

Well, tonight no cooking will be happening. I had a vet appointment after work, and when my parents offered to get me a burger for dinner, I said "OTAY!" I didn't want to deal with cooking AND forcing pills down my cats throat. So let's talk about burgers instead.

I don't think I've ever cooked a beef burger at home. I may have slapped one on a grill at a barbecue at some point in my life, but that hardly counts. The closest I've come at home is some pre-formed turkey burgers, and it's been years since I made one of those.

Of course this is probably a good thing since limiting one's burger intake is a wise decision. I usually have a burger once a month, twice at the most. My current place of choice is Burger Joint because they are right down the street from where I get my hair done every month, and there's nothing like having a burger after you've spent three hours sitting on your ass waiting for the hair dye to set in. That works up your appetite, yo. Burger Joint's burgers are your standard thin patty, grilled, and they also use Niman Ranch natural beef, which is a good thing.

Ideally, I prefer places that grind their beef on the premises, just because I also like to limit my feces intake every month as well, but that can be hard to find. One good place that does this is the Boulevard Cafe in Daly City. All their burgers are great and perfectly seasoned.

Tonight's burger was from the Holy Grill, which is my parents' burger place of choice. They use Meyer Ranch natural angus beef, and it's a tasty burger, that's for sure. My one problem with them is the buns they use. They're too sweet, too soft, and way too crumbly. I prefer your basic old fashioned sesame seed bun, preferably one that has been toasted on the grill.

Finally, speaking of holiness, my holy grail of burgers has got to be the one pictured above. One of these days I will drive my ass up to Sacramento and have a burger at the Squeeze Inn, because a burger with that much crispy cheese can not--nay, SHOULD NOT--be ignored.


RBG said...

Oh, man, I'm hungry for a burger now and it's only 10 a.m. I'm fond of In 'n' Out myself, and for the non-chain joints, I remember having a tasty burger at El Cerrito's Red Onion.

I'm always surprised at how much I enjoy cooking shows and food blogs, considering how much I hate to cook (offset by how much I like to eat, I guess), and this new addition to your internet representation is no exception. Great idea and I hope you keep it up, whether you're the one doing the cooking or not.

Rain said...


I like cooking shows too, but I find it hard to watch them sometimes. If I'm hungry, watching a cooking show is the worst, as I can hardly control the drooling. And I can't watch cooking shows when I eat. There's something just kind of...weird about it.

rachael said...

toast on church has a good niman ranch burg. you gotta come out and visit us and we'll go feast. bonus: you can select either curly fries or sweet potato fries as an aside.